So you just met this amazing girl, you had a great time with her, and you even got her phone number…Now what? You’re going over and over in your head about what to text a girl…Maybe you even start texting…Then think to yourself, no that’s not good enough and start deleting it… Or even worse you hit the send button… Well my friends, I can tell you I’ve certainly been there before, and with these few principals to keep in mind when sending the first text, not knowing what to do can be a thing of the past….


Ok so first let’s go over some common mistakes…  A short list of what NOT to do…Shall we?

  1. Hey what’s up?
  2. Hey! remember me, its (name) from(insert bar/club/coffee shop etc.. here)
  3. Hey, had a good time last night…Want to hang out with me?

Basically any of those or any variation of those should NEVER be the first text!! Now let’s look at why…

  1. They’re boring, and they say nothing about your personality.
  2. Every other guy texts them the same thing, so it doesn’t set you apart from the rest of them.
  3. Most importantly, they don’t evoke any kind of reaction from her or compel her to respond so you just inadvertently kill any attraction you built with her.


There’s a few of things you need to keep in mind before you send that first text. First off, you should remember that the text you send is part of an ongoing conversation. You’ve already met each other, so you should try to continue that conversation.

Secondly, you want to have a “fun” mindset. If you give off the vibe that you’re taking your texts too seriously, you’re toast.

Thirdly, you want to assume that you are already friends with her. There is already some familiarity between you, so you shouldn’t be afraid to make jokes and treat her like a buddy.

And most importantly you want to have the mindset that you are “the man”. You’re a cool, confident guy that enjoys talking to her… but you’re not taking the entire thing all too seriously.


Here are some examples of first texts that I’ve sent a girl which have gotten great responses:

hey Janey Bobaney, how was the rest of ur night?

late night chicken fingers = yummmm. what are you up to?

so how many other guys stopped you and asked for your number today? if u say more than 22 I’ll know ur lying…

All of your first texts should make her laugh and smile. Write something creative using visual language. The text has to have a little personality to it, rather than being bland.


Ok so now, with your phone firmly clutched in your hands, you’re ready to send out the first text! And if you want even more examples for first texts, and the complete system for going from first text to best first date ever, check out HOW2TXTHER!

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