Girl Doesn’t Text Back

So you’ve been texting back and forth, everything was going great, you had it down and you even knew how to flirt with a girl over text…Now all of a sudden she stops responding… Here’s what to do if she stops responding to your texts..

This is going to happen sooner or later. Sometimes it’s a legitimate excuse (a guy comes back into their life, she loses all her numbers in a freak toilet accident, death in a family) that you just don’t know about. The way to get her back is to make her laugh and spark some intrigue. Here are some great texts to send if she disappears:

what are you up to? wanna go steal some watches from kmart?

just saw a flick w this gangster who totally reminded me of you…

been awhile chickadee, been cooking anything tasty lately?

since I haven’t heard from u in awhile I’m gonna assume you got lost at disneyworld and mickey mouse is holding you hostage. let me know when he lets you go

heyyyy long time, got busy smuggling justin beiber dvds to china, but finally got em all unloaded. celebration drinks?


So now you have a few ideas on how to text her if she stops responding, but there’s more… As well as a ton of other stuff on texting girls you like…So if you want to know more check out HOW2TXTHER!

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