How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

Ok so you met her, shes cool, and you actually like her… Now is the time to ask her out!… But you’re not exactly sure how to do that…Well bud, I’ve got you covered… when it comes to how to text a girl, here are a a few tips on asking a girl out over text …


Although there are a lot of fun things you can do with text, the ultimate goal is ALWAYS to meet up with the woman you are interested in. The amount of attraction and comfort you have build when you initially met her and over text since you got her # greatly determine her willingness to meet up with you again. Equally as important is the way in which you invite her. The way you invite her demonstrates how comfortable you are with yourself and the way you view the world.

Remember, it is always up to you to make her feel comfortable with the thought of meeting again. Your best strategy for avoiding any hiccups in setting up your next date is to anticipate any problems she might have with it. You need to remove her hesitations from meeting up with you before she ever has the opportunity to think about them. There are many different strategies you can use to help alleviate her hesitations while simultaneously demonstrating you are the type of man worthy of her time.


Method 1: Casually bring it up

One way to ask a girl out over text is to casually bring it up. Here’s an example from one of my text interactions.

Me: OK texting with you is wayyyy fun but just might have to ask you to hang out again
Her: I might just say yes to hanging out again ;) what did you have in mind? 

Method 2: “Callback” ask-out

When using this method, you want to call back to an event or fun thing to do that you’ve discussed with her earlier. This can be something that you’ve talked about in “real life”, or over text message.

In the following example from my life, I had previously discussed how awesome S’Mac, a mac and cheese place in New York, was to eat. This made it easy to ask her to go there with me -

me: so when are we finally gonna make this s’mac thing happen?
her: well, work is pretty crazy this week but how about thursday?
me: thursday just might work ;)

Method 3: “Spontaneous” Date

If you’re in what we call the “Rapid Rapport” phase of the interaction in HOW2TXTHER, then you can easily ask her out by sending a “spontaneous” text. This is because she’s already invested so much into you, that’s it’s hard for her to say no to your request to go out with you an a whim.

Here’s an some example texts you could use:

Text 1 - whatcha doing right meow? I want some sushi

Text 2 - bingo and coronas at Tortilla Flats. Get ur butt over here.


So there’s just a few examples of how to ask a girl out over text…But if you want more examples, plus a ton more of great stuff on texting the girl you like… Check out my program HOW2TXTHER!

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