If you want to learn PUA Text Game, you’re at the right spot. Why?  Well for starters, I won the Best Text Game award at the Global Pickup Conference.  And beyond that, I’ve got some awesome tips for you.


Remember when you used to play “house” with a girl you like in elementary school? You were the husband and girl you had a crush on was the wife. Or perhaps it was doctor and patient or Kind and Queen of the castle (a.k.a. the slide). Although it may have just seemed like a fun game at the time, there was some very powerful psychological principles of attraction going on there. The best part is those principles are far more effective now that you are older. In fact, the affects of successfully role-playing with a woman you are interested in are so astounding you will wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along.

The human brain has trouble distinguishing between imagined events and real memories. This is significant because every time you create an imagined event with a woman using role-playing, she is in essence creating a memory with you. The more memories you have with someone the more comfortable you feel around them. After all, are not all the relationships you have in your life formed from the feelings and bonds created through shared memories together?

When role-playing with a woman the devil is in the details. The more vivid she can imagine herself experiencing the events you describe the more powerful and “real” the memory will become. You want to pick roles where you do things together or where she is the one who is looking up to or chasing you.

Here are a few examples of role-playing ideas:

-Husband and Wife (or ex’s)

-Travel Buddies (talk about all the adventures you are going on together)

-Stalker and Victim (she is the one stalking you)

-Teacher and Student

-Rockstar and Groupie


Another good technique is to tease her playfully every once in a while. Keep it light and silly. This helps lower her defenses by showing you don’t place her up on a pedestal but see her on the same level. A typical guy who was interested in her would never do this. It also makes her have to explain her self to you, confirming in her mind that you are someone she finds valuable. Be very careful with these when you are just starting off, as it is easy to go overboard and say something mean. Never directly insult a girl. They are used to that from all those other guys who get their feelings hurt when she tests them or when she doesn’t talk to them. You are not one of those guys. This is to be fun and playful…it is flirting not hurting.


“You’re a closet dork aren’t you?..except without the closet ;) ~”

“Come on now… you have work today huh…? Sure it isn’t mandatory community service!? A cute, yet sassy gal who’s a felon… who woulda knew!? Hahah :)

“Awww you’re kinda cute…for a girl :)

If she ever has problems with her car, phone, or any thing she pays monthly for you can say:

“Its cool if you couldn’t afford to pay your bill-I’m not judging you… that much… hahaha j/k :)

If she ever suggests a time to meet up (eg 6pm):

“no that’s too early…dont wanna be stuck with ya that long! Let’s do 6:03 haha :-)

If she ever gives you a compliment:

“That is the nicest thing anyone has ever told me … Since I woke up:-)”


So now you have a few ideas, but if you want the whole kit and caboodle… then you should get my program HOW2TXTHER! There’s plenty more on how to flirt with a girl through text.

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